The Airplane Family

THE AIRPLANE FAMILY reunites Jefferson Starship, Grateful Dead, Hot Tuna, Bob Weir’s Rat Dog, David Crosby Band, New Riders & JGB alumni to perform the 50th Anniversary of Paul Kantner’s Jefferson Starship masterpiece of science fiction & Rock & Roll…“Blows Against the Empire.” Originally planned for Fall 2020, worldwide passionate fans of this music and recording have had their wishes granted as we all look forward to ‘normalization’ following a year and a half of pandemic mitigation and shutdowns.

“Blows Against the Empire” marked the debut of the Jefferson Starship moniker, though not of the band of that name itself, since it predates the actual formation of the band Jefferson Starship by four years. The album was recorded at Pacific High Recording Studios and Wally Heider Recording Studios in San Francisco. The result derives from a period of cross-collaboration during late 1969 through 1971 by a collection of musicians from various San Francisco bands including Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young recording at the same time in the city. These musicians included Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Peter Kaukonen, Jack Casady, Joey Covington, David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Graham Nash & others.

THE AIRPLANE FAMILY will perform the 50th Anniversary of “Blows” as a 2 ‘act’ (set) theatrical extravaganza, reprising the album in its entirety, with ‘other music’ and ‘accompanied by multi-media associated with the collaborative efforts explored by Airplane, Dead, CSNY back in 1970. Long time Paul Kantner (from KBC through 2016 Jefferson Starship) lead guitarist Slick Aguilar (who also played withCrosby in the 1980s), Mike Falzarano (Hot Tuna & NewRiders), Grateful Dead’s Tom Constanten and his band Live Dead 69 with Rat Dog & Phil Lesh member Mark Karan and drummer Pete Lavazzoli who currently performs with Oteil Burbidge and with JGB for 12 years, shall also appear. Acclaimed female vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Clare Maloney will add the Grace Slick vocals. As much of the support musicians comprise LIVE DEAD ’69, acclaimed for brilliant 1969 pivoted improvisations of the halcyon Grateful Dead repertoire, fans are in store for an extra treat as the band performs their own, separate set.