The Apple Tree on the Abandoned Railroad Line

November 11, 2022 - January 14, 2023
Elin Noble and Lasse Antonsen

The Apple Tree on the Abandoned Railroad Line

An Exhibition by Elin Noble and Lasse Antonsen

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 12th 1 – 3 PM

The artist couple, Elin Noble and Lasse Antonsen, have long careers as artists, but this exhibition marks the first time they are presenting work they have made together.

Noble and Antonsen had a residency in September 2018 in the town of Assens, on the Island of Fyn, in Denmark. While there, they discovered an apple tree on an abandoned railroad line, and began to dye cloth with the apple leaves, apple tree bark, and the apples themselves. In 2019 they returned to the island, and dyed additional cloth.

Compositionally they decided to focus on the test strip, the small strip of cloth with which a dyer tests the color before dying a larger piece of cloth. The test strips Noble and Antonsen created have been partially dipped in an iron solution, darkening and expanding the color range. These “test strips” have then been arranged into wall hangings inspired by traditional Korean Bojagi, a patchwork style created from fragments of cloth.

The work on display is luminous, festive and celebratory.

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