March 7, 2012 - April 21, 2012
Reception: March 11, 2012 at 1331470800

Ever since man made his first mark on a cave wall to announce his existence, the figure has been a continual source of renewed discovery and inspiration. It has always been a point of departure for the artist to explore and express the wide range of human feelings and emotions. How the figure will be interpreted next – by present artist or later on by future artists – we cannot predict. But we can foresee that the figure with its inherent potential and richness will retain its fascination as an art form.

Julio Alessio
Aaron Badham
Richard Creighton
Lauren deSerres Kelischek
Henry Gatlin
Robert Greene
Sara Heiderich
Eric Lintala
Stacy Latt Savage
Brittany Savolainen
Alanna Schull
Ellen Lewis Watson

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