Walk a Mile

May 26, 2018 - June 23, 2018
B.M.C. Durfee High School Art Students

Inspired by the Quechechan River Trail History Walk, Durfee Art students have sculpted a shoe installation that will allow viewers to “Walk a Mile” in the lives of Fall River mill workers. In addition to these papier-mâché shoes, AP students have produced written scripts in the words of these mill workers, expressing their thoughts, tribulations and aspirations, bringing to life the individuals inside the shoes. You can read an excerpt from one of the scrips below. 

ANTHONY B: Good day to ya, sirs and ma’ams. My name’s Anthony Burns, but Tony is fine. I’m here to tell y’all the story of my life, hopin’ to teach you somethin’, an’ maybe y’all won’t make mistakes like me. I started off real good an’ lucky for a black man like myself, over in Alexandria, Virginia where I grew up with Master, Sir Charles Suttle. Many actually say I was a “privileged slave”, though in my opinion there ain’t no way those two words can match in a sentence togetha’. But still, I was doin’ okay, Master even let me do other jobs an’ such so long as I payed him an’ all. I got to be a clothing store clerk an’ even a preacher in my town an’ everything, an’ I’m forever thankful. But there was jus’ somethin missin’, ya know? From my life, I mean. I jus’ knew I was meant to be more an’ do bigger things, not jus’ stay the property of another man.

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