Cracker (acoustic)

What can you say about a group that came from the ashes of a group named Camper Van Beethoven whose record ‘Take the Skinheads Bowling’ was an underground classic? Cracker was a bit more mainstream; in 1994 their song ‘Low’ made the charts and in 1996 their ‘I Hate My Generation’ also charted. See what they’ve been up to:, and then come and see them do their music playing acoustic.


This is their second visit to the Narrows; the first time this cello-driven group played here it turned into ‘goth night’ at the Narrows, with some of their fans dressed in Addams Family-like attire. If you’re looking for a different kind of night, don’t miss this one! By the way, the group claims it was founded in 1891!

Elana James and the Continental Two

They opened for Dylan in 2006, and violin player Elana James was part of Dylan’s touring band the previous year. Elana previously was the driving force in the group Hot Club of Cowtown, so you may have seen her at the Narrows with that group, or when she and the Continental Two played the Narrows. Or maybe you heard her on Prairie Home Companion. Sort of a Western Swing kind of thing. Very cool and sexy. Whit Smith of Hot Club of Cowtown will be part of this tour.

Crooked Still

This young group put out one of the best roots music CDs of 2006, ‘Shaken by a Low Sound.’ They’re young, they’re sexy, they’re happening!

Aztec Two Step

This power duo keeps on packing concerts despite their decades in the business. We hosted them about a year ago for the first time, and they put on a hellavu show. It’s folk, it’s pop, it’s whatever! Get your tickets right away for this one.

Kris Delmhorst

If you’re a fan of female singer/songwriters, you’ve got to get to know Kris Delmhorst. She’s got a national, even an international following, and has played the Narrows several times. She’s creative, writes wonderful tunes, and is a talented singer.