THE METERS experience featuring Leo Nocentelli of the Meters w/ Bill ‘The Buddha’ Dickens with special guest artists

Grammy winner,a songwriter whose song Cissy Strut is in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, and a founding member of New Orleans favorite sons The Meters, Leo Nocentelli is one of the funkiest dudes you will ever hear. This show celebrates all that is The Meters as well as all the funk Crescent City can deliver. This is his only New England appearance.

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards came to fame with his toe-tappin’ anti-war anthem ‘Sunshine,’ which still gets played on the radio, decades later. He’s one of the funnest artists to see in concert, which is why we’ve had him at the Narrows several times.

Greg Brown

For over 30 years, Greg has been at the forefront of the singer songwriter movement. He’s a an American treasure melding blues, folk, and jazz into his own unique sound. He’s still at the top of his game with his stunning new release ‘Freak Flag.’

Chrstian Scott

One of the finest trumpet players on the scene today. He easily shifts genres between jazz, roots and world music He’s a Grammy nominee with a whisper tone eerily reminiscent of Miles.

Ray Wylie Hubbard

It wasn’t that long ago that Ray Wylie Hubbard allowed to an acquaintance that he wouldn’t mind being a hybrid of Guy Clark and John Lee Hooker. Now, I’m no seer or mystic, but my instincts suggest that wish came true. And then some. A. Enlightenment, B. Endarkenment (Hint: There is no C) confirms it. Ray Wylie Hubbard writes the kind of songs that make you want to ride along no matter where he’s going, because you know it’s gonna get strange somewhere along the way. The references to Muddy Waters being as deep as William Blake (‘I really do believe it,” Ray says) and lipstick pickups, resonator slides, the dreams of drunken poets, deceased call girls, opium, wasp’s nests, clouds growing a tail, his ability to segue seamlessly from primal exclamations of carnal lust into songs about salvation without pausing for irony; and a craftsmanship that manages to rhyme mescaline and gasoline and Volkswagen with dragon while painting vivid portraits of characters both real and unreal, all evoke a sense of place that is larger than life but in no way made up. Anyone who’s followed Ray Wylie Hubbard over the long and winding path he has traveled already knows he possesses the kind of exceptional gift for observation that any songwriter yearns for. His sense of wonder is tempered by an accumulated wisdom and knowledge that comes with experience that has elevated him into the Wylie Lama of Texas Music, freely imparting songwriting verities to all kinds of aspiring musicians, which allows him to lay all his cards on the table and let the listener decide what it all means.


One can drift from one culture to another, from one thought to the next, from reality to daydreaming. Many cultures and traditions believe that one’s spirit can drift from one plane to another, from the mundane to the spiritual, from the dead to the living. Each of these artists address the idea of ‘drift’ in a unique way. Mark Millstein’s kite and sail forms remind us of the joys of flight and make us contemplate weightlessness. K Lenore Siner’s viscous paintings refer to the world of the spirit hidden within matter. And Alison Wells’s radiant figures are poised in a liminal space between two culturally diverse identities. You are invited to do our own drifting between these artists’s shifting worlds to see where the wind or the spirit may take you. Image: Sisters 3, Acrylic and wax on canvas 24’x18′ 2011

SOLD OUT Leo Kottke

One of the finest guitar players in the world. Leo has a very dry sense of humor, great stories and impeccable musicianship. This make for one inspiring night of music.

The Wood Brothers

A Narrows favorite. Funky, countrified, soulful and down right rocking aptly describe The Wood Brothers sound. They have recently added a drummer to flesh out their sound. They will be touring in support of a new cd.

Darol Anger’s Republic of Strings Presents Yulegrass

Join legendary string pioneer Darol Anger and the Republic of Strings for a luminous evening of Yulegrass and holiday music, good cheer and wassail. Performing with Darol that night will be fellow New England virtuosos Lauren Rioux on five string violin and Joe Walsh on mandolin, the phenomenal New York cellist Mike Block, and west coast guitar star Scott Law. Republic of Strings will create a memorable musical journey into the heart of the season, performing both old favorites and novel winter music. Harmony and good fellowship will abound

Eilen Jewell Band

Eilen’s last show at the Narrows sold out quickly, so we thought we would make a weekend out of it. Two big nights with one of the best Americana bands on the planet. They have a great new record ‘Queen of the Minor Key’ which is getting rave reviews everywhere. Come both nights for just $30.