Catherine MacLellan

Silhouette is the highly anticipated new album from Catherine MacLellan. The record captures her best qualities effortlessly – stitching together elegantly woven songs with her memorable blend of heartfelt and powerfully introspective lyrics and catchy melodies. Recorded largely at a secluded cabin in rural Prince Edward Island. MacLellan brought together a band of longtime friends and musical collaborators with producer David Baxter to craft the 14 track album that Canada’s Exclaim magazine has touted as being ‘a near-hour-long album devoid of filler’a testimony to MacLellan’s ascent to greatness.’ Indeed, the subtle yet steadfast strength of the album is undoubtedly the understated power of MacLellan’s songwriting and performance on the largely acoustic-driven songs. Her sweet tones weft gracefully throughout pensive and internalized lyrics that ponder in the most elegant terms the most relatable of internal dilemmas – balancing work and family, love blooming and fading away, and evaluating one’s own personal strength. Throughout the 14 tracks on Silhouette, it’s felt that you’re listening to the voice of an every-woman with a gift for expressing with poise the most personal of internal conflicts.

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