Rawkstars 12/1/18

Rawkstars 15th Anniversary Bash!
An evening of music, family and friends.

Please join us in celebration of 15 years of we love most; music, family and friends.  This unique night will bring together Rawkstars, Inc. students, donors, supporters, teachers and parents to showcase our collective bond.  It’s an experience designed to thank each person who has made Rawkstars possible.

The event includes an open bar with a selection of wines and beer sponsored by Sam Adams.

We’ll feature a communal pot-luck dinner, with appetizers, main courses and desserts made with love.

As the evening unfolds, you’ll be treated to a diverse array of performances by a talented selection of musicians, including: DiCenso/Clark Expedition, Shine, Moonstruck, and Mojo!

This is a night to showcase the amazing kids, stories and connections that YOU, our supporters, made possible.

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