Chris Smither

Back in the old days,’ muses resilient troubadour Chris Smither, ‘writing new songs and making new albums were just chores. My priority was, and still is, performing live. I guess I still write the songs and make the records so that I can go out and play ‘ except that now I actually look forward to it. I’ve learned how to do it, and I’m very eager to get stuff recorded once I’ve written it.’ Recorded in only three days, Time Stands Still is just the eleventh studio album of a career that now spans over four decades. Time Stands Still (Signature Sounds/Mighty Albert) is both pensive and visceral ‘ an album whose songs alternately ponder life’s mysteries in some moments, and let them lie undisturbed in others. Featuring eight new original compositions and a song apiece from Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, and 1920s country-blues songster Frank Hutchison, Time Stands Still’s immediate, intimate sound is the direct result of one gig, and the challenge it presented.

Aztec Two Step

Celebrating 40 years of great music. Aztec Two-Step continues to impress audiences with intelligent songwriting, dazzling acoustic lead guitar, and inspiring harmonies. They are one of acoustic music’s most popular and enduring acts.

Red Molly

Red Molly consistently brings concert-goers to their feet with stunning three-part harmonies, crisp musicianship and a warm, engaging stage presence. They have earned a devoted and ever-widening fan base, and have begun to tour nationally. Laurie MacAllister, Abbie Gardner and Carolann Solebello have a lot of fun on stage, and it’s contagious. The Boston Globe says: ‘Everything Red Molly sings is delivered with tick-tight arrangements, crystalline vocals, and caramel harmonies. But what is most striking is the ardor they bring to everything they do, whether snuggling into the sweet parochialism of an old spiritual, or the gritty pathos of a Gillian Welch tune. They come on less like stars strutting for their minions than pals

Vance Gilbert

With eight critically acclaimed albums, VANCE GILBERT continues to refine his unlikely union of humor, virtuosity, and the unexpected. Whether with classic, original songwriting or ageless interpretations of covers, his is a presentation steeped in deep humanism and bravery, stunning artistry and soul, and contagious, unbridled joy.


In Romani, the mother tongue of the Roma and language of gypsies, balval means the wind. The name is certainly not ironic: Balval, while not a band of gypsies per se, will blow you away with its electrifying brand of red-hot Parisian gypsy music. Led by singer and founding member Awena Burgess, Balval fuses gypsy flair with a vast spectrum of western and European styles. Their fusion is best and most recently heard on the new Le Ciel Tout Nu (The Naked Sky), their second album, and a worthy follow-up to their impressive debut, the aptly named Blizzard Boheme (Bohemian Blizzard).

Luka Bloom

Having tread the boards of stages all over the globe, 36 years of craft honing has given LUKA BLOOM, child of a musical Irish family, a secure place on the music map. His live performances are prolific and highly entertaining, featuring Luka’s distinctive ‘electro-acoustic’ style of guitar playing. ‘The naked honesty…is breathtaking. …someone whose quest is far from over, but whose comfort in his own skin bears testament to a road well traveled.’ – The Irish Times

New Riders of the Purple Sage

These psychedelic space cowboys have been making great music for over 40 years. They were at the cornerstone of the country rock movement and once featured both Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart of The Grateful Dead. They still put on one killer show.

Farren-Butcher Inc

Both are master musicians, riveting performers, soulful and expressive singers. Both are hit songwriters, together having sold millions of copies of their songs around the world. Both have written for television, motion pictures, and have toured and performed in many of the most prestigious venues in the world. Both have grown and developed through years of creating the soundtrack for so many lives. They have diverse backgrounds, but as veterans of the now legendary Boston music scene, they intersect with a shared history and common love and appreciation for the roots of what makes music move us. A collective respect and enthusiasm for the personal journey music offers both performer and listener. As much as that intersection of styles, influences, and backgrounds makes this collaboration work so well, it’s where those vertices lead that gives it such a rich scope and range. Jon Butcher and Charlie Farren have now combined forces to present a new Duet that is more than a sum of the parts. Their unique talents multiply each other, creating an evening that is instrumentally stunning, vocally powerful, lyrically touching, and just plain fun!

Eric Lindell

This will be a cd release party for his new release ‘Between Motion and Rest’ It’s a great new record filled with intoxicating swampy groovy tunes. Eric is a soul singer, bluesman and a crowd pleaser. He sold out in February, we expect more of the same

Savoy Brown

British blues legends still going strong. Kim Simmonds is one of the best guitarists in the world. He’s got a crack band and rips through classics like ‘Tell Mama’ Hellbound Train’ etc with fury and technique.