Aztec Two Step

Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman have spent a lifetime making music together as the folk/rock duo Aztec Two-Step. Their first album on Elektra Records, and their subsequent albums for RCA Records, were staples of progressive FM and college radio and helped bring the music of the 60s into the 70s. As their recording career continued,so did the critical acclaim. In 1987 Living in America received the New York Music Award for Best Folk Album and was named in Billboard’s year-end critic’s poll. Praised in major media outlets such as Rolling Stone, and having appeared on numerous TV and radio shows such as David Letterman, King Biscuit Flour Hour, and World Caf?? Live, in 1999 Aztec Two-Step was the subject of a documentary that aired on PBS. Of their 2005 release, Days of Horses, the Boston Globe said ‘fans of the duo’s harmony-driven tunes and easygoing acoustic guitar riffs will recognize their James Taylor-meets-Simon & Garfunkel sound. What’s new is the mood. This album sits back on its haunches as Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman look back wistfully at American pop culture and their own ride through it.’ In 2007, when Forever Changing ‘ The Golden Age of Elektra Records 1963-1973 was issued by Rhino Records, the 5- CD box set included ‘The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty (On The Road),’ Aztec Two-Step’s ode to Jack Kerouac’s groundbreaking novel of the Beat Generation. In a happy coincidence, 2007 is also the aforementioned 35th anniversary of the album Aztec Two-Step and the 50th anniversary of the publication of On The Road. Aztec Two-Step continues to impress audiences with intelligent songwriting, dazzling acoustic lead guitar, and inspiring harmonies. They are one of acoustic music’s most popular and enduring acts.

Marshall Crenshaw and The Bottle Rockets

The Bottle Rockets play first and then back Marshall on his tunes. Don’t miss this rare pairing of two great acts/ Over 25 years since breaking through to critical and commercial acclaim with his 1982 self-titled debut and its infectious, era-defining pop hit ‘Someday, Someway,’ Marshall Crenshaw creates an incredible new chapter in his career with his 429 Records debut Jaggedland. Crenshaw’s first studio recording in more than six years is his most musically dynamic and lyrically intimate collection yet. Classic Crenshaw attributes including an indelible sense of melody and tuneful essence combine to create a rich warmth and intimacy on every song of Jaggedland. The recording has a powerful vibe of immediacy thanks to Crenshaw’s warm vocals and riveting guitar work. He takes the production to its highest levels working with a roster of well known musical heroes and veteran producers. The new Bottle Rockets album ‘Lean Forward’ on Bloodshot Records absolutely nails a sound and a vibe with a palpable sense of place. It’s suffused with the determination and resilience of their distinctly midwestern roots; theirs is a celebration of pragmatism and tempered optimism, not the delusions and exhortations of glassy eyed zealots’they aren’t going to fall for that. Oh, it’s a flat out, smoking rock record, too. Lean Forward continues the Rockets’ creative resurgence ignited by 2006’s Zoysia. Reunited with producer Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel (who ran the knobs on the Bottle Rockets’ seminal albums The Brooklyn Side and 24 Hours A Day), the Bottle Rockets do what no other band does better ‘ look into the hearts and minds and faces of the dying small towns in America and crafts populist anthems with the sympathetic eye of Woody Guthrie and sonic stomp of Crazy Horse. They are songs that demand the windows be rolled down and the volume turned up. And with the hooks, you’ll wonder how they make such problems sound so good ‘

Rufus and the Moondogs

Rufus and the Moondogs started playing together in 1969 in a Tiverton barn and pool hall and has been playing and recording together since then in various combinations and under several names (most recently four members have grouped together as Funny Little Planet). Featuring John Toste on guitar and vocals, Bruce Gavin on guitar and vocals, Mike McKenney on drums and vocals, Matt Brown on lead guitar and vocals, Clem Brown on bass and vocals, and Pete Lindfors on drums and vocals. Rufus plays an electric and ecelectic blend of rock, folk, blues and jam based music from all eras.

SOLD OUT Shelby Lynne

Shelby is one of the most gifted singer songwriters on the planet. She is also a great performer. She will be touring behind her fantastic new release Revelation Road. Not to be missed

Comedy Night featuring Mark Scalia, Mike Prior and Taylor Connelly

MARK SCALIA Mark Scalia is a New England headliner who has performed throughout the United States and Canada including an invited performer to The Boston International Comedy Festival, Seattle International Comedy Festival and the New Orleans Comedy Festival. Scalia is a regular at the top Boston comedy clubs such as Nick’s and the Comedy Connection as well as The Comic Strip in New York, the Laff Spot in Houston, and the Comedy Nest in Montreal. MIKE PRIOR Mike Prior has appeared in major clubs around the country and was one of the featured performers on Comedy Central and MTV as well as having toured with Weird Al Yankovic during Yankovic’s most successful years. With an amazing ability to turn life’s most frustrating moments into hilarious stories to which everyone can relate Prior is able to relate to and connect with any audience. The victim of a recent mugging, Prior calls himself a professional victim and believes that if there was ever a school for professional criminals, he would be the first homework assignment. TAYLOR CONNELLY Taylor Connelly may look like he is still working on his learner’s permit, but he is a seven year veteran of the Boston comedy scene and has been a finalist in both the Boston and Cleveland Comedy Festivals. His work has been seen on Comcast Comedy and MY TV.

Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Nap Time Players

The Paul McCartney of kids\’ music.’ -USA Today ‘Deft lyrics and beautiful sound.’ -Los Angeles Times ‘As a kids\’ performer, Roberts is in a league of his own.’ -Chicago Tribune Like a scene from ‘Groundhog Day,’ the event repeats itself over and over. Bass and drums pound out the beat in perfect unison. Bodies spring to their feet and rush the stage; jumping, dancing and bouncing off each other like bumper cars. The concertgoers behave like children. This should come as no surprise, because they are children, participating in the kiddie mosh pit found at nearly every Justin Roberts concert. Justin Roberts is truly one of the ‘all-stars’ of the indie family music scene. He logs thousands of miles on the road each year, leading some to call him the hardest working man in children\’s show business. With numerous national awards and recognition and a devoted fan base, Justin and The Not Ready for Naptime Players dish out unexpectedly intelligent and whimsically rocking music for kids and their parents.

SOLD OUT Judy Collins

Judy Collins has thrilled audiences worldwide with her unique blend of interpretative folksongs and contemporary themes. Her impressive career has spanned more than 50 years. She is a relentlessly creative spirit, is a modern day Renaissance woman who is also an accomplished painter, filmmaker, record label head, musical mentor, and an in-demand keynote speaker for mental health and suicide prevention. She continues to create music of hope and healing that lights up the world and speaks to the heart.

Walter Trout and the Radicals

It\’s been too long since electric blues guitar phenom Walter Trout played the Narrows! He\’s a former member of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (along with Narrows alum Coco Montoya) but has been doing his own thing with his band for many years. ‘I am a spiritual guy,’ Trout offers. ‘I believe in a higher power as a force in the world and that playing music can be a religious experience. Music gives you an opportunity to speak directly to people\’s hearts ‘ it goes beyond words. And I know that there are times when I\’m playing my guitar when I enter a state where I’m not consciously aware of what I\’m playing. It\’s like a signal coming through me.’


Often encapsulated as the ‘Sound of Maui’, HAPA’s music evokes a place that many people at different times have referred to as heavenly. The overriding quality of their music is one of beauty and serenity, found in the majestic tones of the oli (chant), mele (song), the elegant movements of the sacred dance known as hula, and the exhilarating innovative sounds of virtuoso slack key guitar. HAPA’s self entitled debut cd released in 1993, swept the 1994 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards (Hawaii’s equivalent of the Grammy’s), becoming the biggest selling CD by a group or duo in the history of recorded Hawaiian music. The group’s ground breaking music has established them as the most recognized name in Hawaiian music internationally since their debut release, with sold-out shows from Tokyo to New York.