John Popper (of Blues Traveler) and the Duskray Troubadours

John Popper doesn’t know what came over him that one night last winter, although he has a pretty good idea. ‘Something in me kicked in and I just floored it,’ says the singer/harp slinger, referring to a brief, Beethoven-scored joy ride, that was the trip from his home to the recording studio in Santa Fe. ‘It was absolutely exhilarating. I felt free, because I was going to do something I loved, and just for me.’ That something was a month-long recording session in the mountains of New Mexico. The self-titled debut (due out March 1, 2011, through 429 Records) of John Popper and The Duskray Troubadours to be specific, a side project that’s more like a part-time band, a scrappy, roots-rock extension of Popper’s work in Blues Traveler. Now before you get the wrong idea, John Popper and The Duskray Troubadours is more than a Popper-led solo project or a back-to-basics whiff of nostalgia. It’s the sum of six rock-solid players’rounded out by bassist Steve Lindsay, drummer Mark Clark, guitarists Kevin Trainor and Aaron Beavers, and guitarist/producer Jono Manson’coming together to channel the loose, limit-less spirit of simpler days. ‘What I love about this album is that I’m playing differently,’ says Popper, ‘and not because I tried to, either. The music led me there, which is the best way to do it, really. On this album, melody is what drove everything.’ ‘It’s a full spectrum of songs,’ adds Manson, ‘but it all fits together. That’s because the main personalities on this record are the tunes. They’re the kind that could stand up with a whole band or one person singing them.’

Ramblin Jack Elliot

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is a true American original. Born Elliott Charles Adnopoz, the son of a Brooklyn doctor, Jack has since the early 50s personified the footloose, carefree, hitchhiking, sing for your supper troubadour. He is Woody Guthrie’s spiritual heir and an early inspiration to two generations of fledgling folkies, including his pal from Greenwich Village days, Bob Dylan. He’s a singing cowboy who numbers rodeo stars, range hands, buckaroos, and cowboy poets among his friends and admirers, as well as fellow freethinkers as various as Tom Waits, Robert Duvall, Sam Shepard, and the late Jack Kerouac. Jack is quite possibly at the artistic and creative peak of his career. He continues to collect and pass on stories, to hone his repertoire, and to gain new fans. His friend, the great cowboy poet and singer Buck Ramsey perhaps sums it up best when he says, ‘One of the great things about listening to Jack over the years is to hear how subtly over time he closes in on a song until he owns it, makes it his own so completely that anyone else performs it at his own peril. A good thorough listening will convince most that the vintage Ramblin’ Jack Elliott began about the time he hit sixty a few years back. And he seems to have, perhaps more instinctively than consciously, pared his performing repertoire down to the gather he would have carry him into posterity.’


The Art of Brian Fox will showcase nearly 30 new paintings as well as some of the artist’s most popular legacy artwork of sports and celebrity legends. This special hometown exhibit is designed to appeal to a wide variety of interests. Sports fanatics will see how Fox captures the emotion and intensity of New England Patriots’ Tom Brady; Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps; ‘Miracle on Ice’, often referred to as the greatest sports moment of the century featuring Jim Craig, Olympic gold medalist and goalie for the 1980 USA hockey team; and the famous bout of legendary boxer Micky Ward, subject of the Academy Award winning movie ‘The Fighter’, versus Atturo Gatti. History buffs have the opportunity to pay homage to World War II Hero Major Richard D. Winters and music aficionados will feel the vibes of Jim Morrison, Gene Simmons and Keith Richards, to name a few. ‘Each day for the past 20 years, I paint for clients around the country with a window view of Fall River, Mount Hope Bay and Battleship Cove,’ said Fox. ‘I am fortunate enough that my career as an artist specializing in painting the world’s greatest legends has granted me the opportunity to partner with athletes and celebrities to raise money for their charitable organizations and showcase my work in New York and Los Angeles galleries. I am most excited about this opportunity to share my latest artwork with family and friends in my local community.’ About Brian Fox Brian Fox specializes in painting the world’s greatest legends. His forte and passion centers around sports and music but his ability and experience extend far beyond that scope. Brian has painted some of the biggest icons of our time, including the late Jackie Robinson, Keith Richards, Michael Phelps, Johnny Depp, Ray Charles, and Mixed Martial Arts Champion Georges St-Pierre, to name just a few. Brian’s impeccable draftsmanship, attention to detail and uncanny ability to capture the ‘look’ of his subjects keep his masters of art in high demand. Brian is prominently featured in numerous celebrity events and high-profile charity benefits, always promoting his altruism and passion for expressive, visual art. Brian Fox’s artwork exhibits and sells throughout the United States. A special opening night reception will be held on Thursday, March 31, 2011 from 6 ‘ 9 p.m. This FREE event will feature ‘living statues’ performed by skilled artists from TEN31 Productions, based out of Providence, RI, dressed in World War II and baseball uniforms.

JONATHAN LANGFIELD (Narrows Cafe Gallery)

Artist Statement
I begin a piece with a loose, gestural, free association; my hand reacting to my reflection, the space around me, and the plasticity of the paint. I think of the first few marks as a turbid soup of elementary matter that will eventually create form through discovery. I continually search for concrete relationships inside the form, as well as gravity, space, and mass. I am now aware of where my hand is on the canvas, though sometimes I paint without looking. I strive to evoke what is underneath the skin, and how it affects the surface. The drama of this interaction creates tension through mark-making on the canvas. While posing, I move over time, resulting in distortions in the paintings. At the same time the figure/ground relationship is in constant flux. The result is a convulsive and turbulent art–paintings that are the manifestations of my anxieties. The figures in the paintings inhabit a time and space that runs parallel to my own.

Jim Kweskin

Due to health issues, Geoff Muldaur will not be playing the date with Jim Kweskin. Jim will still be playing the show. Those seeking a refund may do so. We have changed the ticket price to $18 Advance. We will refund the difference of the original purchase price to those who still attend the show. Jim is a folk legend and this will still be a great concert. Sorry for any inconvenience.

One in a Hundred and Ten’ a benefit for Surfers Healing, a Foundation for Autism

Surfers Healing’s mission is to bring the therapeutic experience of surfing to autistic children. Once a year they travel to New England to run a camp for autistic children here.The event will be an afternoon of music, comedy, art done by children on the autism spectrum and we will be ‘surfing the runway’ with a beach-inspired fashion show. There will also be ocean inspired prizes! Please join us for a an amazing and worthwhile cause.

Kim Lenz and the Jaguars

The titian-haired, vivacious Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter-guitarist established herself as the top modern rockabilly songstress with a pair of widely praised albums for Hightone Records and rapturously received performances across the States and in Europe; Rolling Stone raved, ‘If Elvis had been a woman, he probably would have sounded just like Kim Lenz.’ After a recording and performing hiatus that left fans panting for her return, Kim is back in the groove with her best recorded work yet, the album It’s All True, which she produced herself and is releasing on her own Riley Records imprint. The new collection is a flaming slab of fuel-injected contemporary rockabilly that handsomely shows off Kim’s sass, energy, and romp-stomping vocal chops. It secures her position in the small pantheon of great female rockabilly singers that includes Wanda Jackson and the late Janis Martin ‘ singers with whom Lenz has shared many a stage. And it displays the genre’s diversity and impact.

An Artistic Discovery 2011′ ‘ Third Congressional District
Art Competition
Congressman James P. McGovern

‘An Artistic Discovery 2011’
Reception and Awards Ceremony: Saturday, May 7th ~~ 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
The Narrows Gallery will host this annual event, which affords the opportunity for high school students to showcase their creative abilities with the community and encourages young people to pursue their own creativity through art.
‘An Artistic Discovery’ is a nationwide contest in its 30th year dedicated to promoting artistic talent in our nation’s young people. The winning entry from the Third Congressional District will be on display in the hallway that leads to United States Capitol in Washington D.C. along with the winning entries from other congressional districts from across our nation. Congressman James P. McGovern will be present to congratulate all the winners and participants.
The Public is invited and Admission is Free. Refreshments will be served. Entertainment will be provided.