Carbon Leaf 4/27/17

In 2014 Carbon Leaf faithfully re-recorded their biggest album, Indian Summer, in order to regain control of the songs they owned, but that were contained on a master recording that their former record label, Vanguard Records, held rights to. For 2015, the band is repeating this successful formula by re-recording their 2006 sophomore effort, Love Loss Hope Repeat. Only this time, Carbon Leaf is not remaining faithful to the original. Continue reading

Gongs of Joy 3/22/17

Join A. Michelle and Joy for a Gong Bath Meditation. Come to clear, energize and balance through the deep vibration and resonance of the gongs. This extraordinary sound experience allows you to rest into your deeper self and move into a dream-like state while waves of gong tones wash over, around and through you . Immersed in holistic sound, your mind, body and spirit tune into a state of profound relaxation and spontaneous healing. Leave with greater clarity, inner peace, and a connection to your inner truth and joy! Bring whatever you need to be comfortable on the floor. Continue reading


“I really like that word,” Sarah Jarosz says of the title of Undercurrent, her fourth Sugar Hill album. “If you look up the definition, it’s ‘an underlying feeling or influence’ or ‘a flow of water moving below the surface.’ To me, that really encompasses the feeling behind this record.” Continue reading


Wicked Blue pays tribute to the purest American art form, Rhythm & Blues music. Featuring Cidalia America (lead vox), Lisa Jacobs (vox, keyboards), Crissy Azzinaro (guitar), Greg Michalowski (drums, vox) and Jonathan Jacobs (bass), the band offer their take on essential blues influences across multiple genres. Wicked Blue puts their unique musical stamp on a deep pool of classic R&B, rock, pop, folk and country songs. Continue reading

From the Deep

“From the Deep” celebrates the mystery and wonder of two nearly boundless frontiers- the sea and the artist’s imagination. Combine the two, and the results can produce imagery that is both startling and engaging while also reflecting a unique symbiosis that may surprise the viewer. Continue reading