Creation Myths

The exhibition Creation Myths marks the tenth anniversary of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild. In recognition of this milestone, ‘Creation Myths’ looks at Guild members’ expressions on the theme of creation: How can we explain our own creative process? What is our relationship to the archetypal creation stories that cultures around the world have told ‘ through myth, art, and storytelling ‘ through the ages, to attempt to explain ourselves and our place within the cosmos? And what does ‘creation myth’ mean in modern times ‘ perhaps informed by present-day ‘stories’ from science or psychology? This work represents Guild members’ explorations on this theme as each interprets it.
Creation Myths also celebrates the parallels between the medium of feltmaking ‘ an ages-old process of turning animal’s wool into fabric and object through the judicious addition of water and agitation ‘ and the phenomenon of myth. Both carry an element of alchemy ‘ the almost magical moment of transformation of the separate hairs of fiber into a whole, through specific movements of our hands’ echoing the alchemical power of myth to imbue ordinary objects and stories with profound meaning, transforming them into the symbols-of-the-sacred of a whole culture.
Both feltmaking and myth telling share a long history as traditions deeply rooted in a kaleidoscope of cultures around the world ‘ from the Middle East, to Asia, to the New World. They appear in history as answers to necessity: for needed fabric/structure to build homes (yurts), both functional and decorative objects, and works of art; and for symbols and stories to relay a civilization’s beliefs. Merging these traditions, the feltmaking artisans who preceded us through the centuries often decorated the surface of their felt with symbols of resonant meaning ‘ of earth, life, fertility, eternity. It is significant that we as contemporary feltmakers continue that history of necessity-innovation while exploring, in this body of work, both ancient and modern meanings of creation.
Participating Artists: Marjolaine Arsenault Cher Benda Teresa Berger Robin Blakeney-Carson Diane Christian Cheryl Christner Sharon Costello Marianne DuBois Temple Fawcett Judith Hesp Carol Ingram Vicki Jensen Daryl Lancaster Charlotte Moore Jeanne Noordsy Lynn Ocone Kirsti Sandoy Nan Travers Linda Van Alstyne
Image: Catylst
Artist: Diane Christian

Jay MacKay

Artist Statement Since childhood drawing and painting have empowered and transported me into a protected place of self expression. Presently I paint from photographs that I take while wandering around the city. I am drawn to the patches of sunlight and shadows cast by buildings both interior and exterior. I find solitude and shelter in these hidden spaces and moments. This is the passion that drives me to surrender to the vulnerabilities of the creative process and put myself onto the canvas for all to see. Artist Background As an adolescent I took private oil painting lessons at The Jean Lee Gallery in Stow, MA. I received a BFA in Illustration and Design from the University of Lowell (UMASS). I have also studied at The Worcester Art Museum, Decordova Museum and Sculpture Park and The East Side Art Center. I have participated in a few group shows many years ago but a successful career in the graphic arts consumed the majority of my creative energy. I have since changed careers and in February of 2009 picked my paint brush up again to paint seriously. The Open Painting 2010 Exhibition at The Providence Art Club was my debut into the Providence art scene where I received an Honorable Mention for my 36×48 oil painting entitled Crossing Holden. Since May of 2010 I have been showing and selling my work at Studio Hop on the East Side, Providence. This artist presents the calm beauty and dignity of old buildings in this study of urban architecture. Through his use of perspective, dimension, light, and especially shadow and bold color, it reminds us of Edward Hopper’s buildings but feels very much of the 21st century. – Jeanne C. Potter, Gallery Director at The Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport and juror for Open Painting 2010, Providence Art Club January 17, 2010 Reception: Sunday, June 10th 1:00 -4:00 pm

Comedy Night featuring Jim Lauletta and Mike Hanley

JIM LAULETTA Jim Lauletta is one of the most popular headliners in New England as well as being one of the most sought after comedians around the country and on cruise ships. Lauletta is a regular performer in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and New York, as well as headlining at the major comedy clubs across the country. His television credits number multiple Comedy Central appearances including, ‘Two Drink Minimum,’ ‘Stand-up Stand-up,’ ‘Comic Re-mix,’ ‘Shorties Watchin’ Shorties,’ and ‘Make Me Laugh.’ He has been seen on Comcast Comedy Spotlight, and HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival ‘Best of the Fest,’ ‘Comedy Showcase’ and NBC’s ‘Friday Night’. MIKE HANLEY Mike Hanley’s unique style of high energy comedy has audiences erupting in laughter. From relationships, marriage, to his children and the day to day grind, Hanley’s stories make him relatable to all audiences. Hanley is a New England headliner who is a past winner of the Catch a New Rising Star Comedy Competition, Joker’s Wild ‘Next Big Thing’ Comedy Contest in New Haven, CT, and he was a finalist in the RI Comedy Festival, the Boston Comedy Riot, and the Tonight Show’s Funniest Person in RI.

Kat Edmonson

Jazz chanteuse Kat Edmonson may have had no formal training, but the young vocalist possesses one of the most authentic voices to ever croon selections from the Great American Songbook. One listen to the Austin native’s ethereal purr is enough to hook even the most casual music fan. The Boston Globe calls Edmonson ‘…the most promising American jazz singer to come along since Cassandra Wilson.’ With only one album to her credit, 2009’s sparkling Take to the Sky, Edmonson is set to take the music world by storm — the comely singer has thrilled audiences around her home state of Texas with a sound that is straight out of the 1930s. Her song ‘Lucky’ has been featured on the MTV series United States of Tara. It was Edmonson’s mother’s record collection and old movies that initially stirred her artistic soul, but having a career in music wasn’t a given, initially. After a stint at college in Charleston, SC, Edmonson returned to Austin and decided to follow the musical call. An audition for America Idol in 2002 landed Edmonson a trip to Hollywood and a spot in the top 48. Her Idol dreams ended abruptly when judge Randy Jackson told the singer she didn’t ‘look like a star.’ After her exit from Idol, Edmonson began honing her chops at open-mike nights and eventually made the transition to full-time performer. Take to the Sky — a mix of classic and modern songs — proved Edmonson was more than ready for her jazz ascension. ~ Todd Sterling, Rovi

Hamilton de Holanda

In the legacy of such great mandolinists as Jacob do Bandolim, Joel Nascimento and Armandinho the young Hamilton de Holanda is considered as one of the greatest virtuosos of bandolim of all times. Born in Rio de Janeiro- 1976, he imposed himself very quickly revolutionizing the emblematic bandolim, and on which he developed a thorough polyphonic playing technique, as well as an enriched timbral and percussive palette. His interpretation is frenectic and very soulfull crossing all the boundaries of the genre, especially Latin or world music. His work is very much Brazilian, but in a comtemporary way. Benefited both from a stimulating musical ambience in his family and an in-depth academic training. Hamilton finishes his studies by composing a Concerto for orchestra and bandolim which he has performed with the Symphonique Orchestra of the National Theater and the Philharmonique Orchestra of Brazilia. His capacity for invention is endless and the sound he works out from his 10-string bandolim (he added a fifth double string a total of 10 vs. 8) is powerful and precise.


Terry Adams, visionary, driving force, and ‘untamed genius of the keyboards’ for NRBQ since the band’s inception over four decades ago, is one of music’s true originals. Adams reignited the legendary Quartet with the addition of Scott Ligon on guitar & vocals, Pete Donnelly on bass & vocals, and Conrad Choucroun on drums. The 2011 NRBQ studio album, Keep This Love Goin’ and the brand new CD We Travel the Spaceways shows the NRBQ magic – great musicianship, emotion, fearlessness, and fun ‘ is intact. ‘Ability to groove like no other band on the planet,’ says ‘Fans will find spontaneity, humor, breadth, and musical know-how” says No Depression. ‘Music no one can make anymore.’ says the Detroit Metro-Times. And live? ”the current incarnation lived up to the legacy. They reclaimed not only the vast NRBQ catalog of songs and loose-as-a-goose sound, but also the band’s wildly unpredictable spirit on stage. Their willingness to step way out on a limb has always been one of NRBQ’s most endearing qualities, and in the contemporary world of pre-packaged, cookie-cutter pop stars, it’s sure great to have them back.’ -Albany Times-Union.

Blues Project (featuring original members Danny Kalb, Steve Katz and Roy Blumenfeld)

The Blues Project formed in 1965, being among the first blues-rock hybrid bands. The group’s classic period with Danny Kalb, Steve Katz, Andy Kulberg, Al Kooper and Roy Blumenfeld includes Live at the Caf?? Au Go Go (1966), Projections (1966), and The Blues Project Live at Town Hall (1967) as well as their only Billboard charting single ‘No Time Like The Right Time’ (1967). Kalb left the band with Katz, prior to Planned Obsolescence (1968), which was released by the remaining members under the Blues Project moniker at the insistence of Verve before they became Seatrain. Kooper and Katz went on to form Blood Sweat and Tears, where Katz remained throughout the 70’s. Kalb returned to appear on Al Kooper, Roy Blumenfeld, Danny Kalb, Steve Katz, Andy Kulberg Of The Blues Project (1968). The reformed Blues Project released Lazarus (1971) and The Blues Project (1972). The Blues Project disbanded in 1972 with their final recording, The Original Blues Project Live At Central Park issued in 1973. The band last reformed in 1993. This lineup will feature 3 original members: Kalb, Katz and Blumenfeld. This will be one of a handful of special performances on the Northeast this November. Kalb will release Moving In Blue, a double CD of material recorded over the last decade this October.

Deadly Gentlemen and Session Americana

Deadly Gentleman started out a couple years ago as an experimental spoken word bluegrass band, but they have changed the game plan this time around. Now they mostly play epic folk and grasscore. Their most recent CD is called Carry Me To Home. Instead of having a lead singer, they use a nonstop orchestration of somewhat unconventional vocals, with everybody in the band doing everything they can. Expect a lot of three-part harmony singing, group shouting, really dense rhymes and an almost rap-like phrasing. The band features Greg Liszt of Crooked Still and a slew of super hot players. No two Session Americana shows are alike. They’re rowdy, freewheeling modern hootenannies that surprise the audience as much as they surprise the Somerville, Massachusetts sextet. Session Americana has innovatively recast the live show experience as a familial gathering of musicians seated at a round table swapping songs and instruments. Although the musicians face each other, the audience feels drawn into the circle, engaged by the joyous camaraderie, playful musicality, and charmingly original music of this all-star cast of characters. Session Americana has received numerous press plaudits for its inventively entertaining live show as well as its revelatory recorded work. The Boston Globe has praised Session Americana for its ‘fun, fresh take on old-fashioned, and timeless, music.’ Alt-country arbiters of cool,

Graham Parker

For nearly 30 years, GRAHAM PARKER has been slinging his signature sound, earning a spot in the pantheon of influential rock ‘n’ roll figures. Since his early days with The Rumour, Parker has coupled punk’s energy with his deeply rooted love of American R&B, country, and soul music. ‘Parker’s pub-rock snarl has worked its magic for a generation.’ ‘ Village Voice

Bob Kendall

It’s been a decade since Rhode Islander Bob Kendall released his debut solo record ‘Enough is Enough’ on his own Kentonerecords label. The founding member of the bands Lifeboat, The Blood Oranges, The Brothers Kendall, and The Labor Pool has finally let go of this collection of songs written, self-produced and recorded in his backyard shed. The title track, ‘Midnight Flower’ features vocals by Tanya Donelly. (Belly, Throwing Muses, The Breeders) ‘Donelly adds a certain visceral, seventh sense ‘ and conjures up weary-wise tones of Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris’ (Influenza). Muses drummer, David Narcizo, once again provides his trademark style of hypnotic rhythms throughout the record. Kendall’s songs have been described as ‘telling tales of recrimination and self-deception’. Song styles and influences are reminiscent of Jeff Tweedy, Teenage Fan Club, Tom Petty, Ian Hunter, The Velvet Underground and Gram Parsons. Mixed and fixed by Kraig Jordan and mastered by Pete Weiss at Verdant Studios.